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Watercolor Scrap #1 by artsy-akalei
Watercolor Scrap #1
Playing around with some watercolors and inks. x) forgot how much fun it is to just practice and roll with whatever happens. 

Anyway, it's hard to recognize her, but it's Kaori from Your Lie in April. Highly recommend this anime. I play both the piano and violin, so it's an amazing feels trip for me. XD
::SAO:: Spriggan Dance by artsy-akalei
::SAO:: Spriggan Dance
Since the English voice actor of Kirito AND Leafa are headed to the upcoming Kawaii Kon, I thought it'd be best to do a print of the both of them together. XD Ah, sibling love. On a side note, Eri Aoi (the singer who did the OP for this arc) will also be going to Kkon for a concert, soooo.. x)

I don't like coloring Kirito. So much black.

...My favorite was doing the background. I love glowy BGs.


Done in MS5, 3-4hrs

Other SAO stuff I did:………
::League of Legends:: Annie, the Dark Child by artsy-akalei
::League of Legends:: Annie, the Dark Child
Back to drawing LoL champs! Actually, I did this one several several months ago...just never had time to post it XD Another print to be added to this year's Kawaii Kon!

I had so much fun doing the BG for this one. Fire is so much fun to play with - I mean paint. Annie is awesome.

Made with MS5 - 6-8hrs

Satisfied with My Care by artsy-akalei
Satisfied with My Care
I've gotta say that Big Hero 6 was definitely my favorite movie of 2014. Amazing storyline, awesome characters, and a good balance of action and feels. XD

I could not resist drawing this scene. Almost cried in the theater with my boyfriend and my sister and her fiance right there during this part. XD Did not expect that ending.

Anyway, this is a print that will be available during Kawaii Kon 2015! See you guys there! :D

Made with MS5 
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First off, Happy New Year all! I'm going to be realistic and say that I hope you've got some manageable goals/resolutions for this year. :XD:

I won't waste my time apologizing for being so absent on DA because really, isn't everyone tired of excuses? ;_; First of all, my first semester of college was (for all you guys who've had one of these) very sleep deprived. College is an hour bus ride away from my house, so I get naps if I'm lucky, but otherwise I usually ended up with a cold or fever. That's the short version. But I got all A's in my five classes (and made it out alive), so I'm really happy. :D And I did work on some artwork during Christmas time. I was finishing my second one, when my mom nearly passed away from a kidney infection and heart attack. Not the best way to end a vacation. But it was one of those times when you recognize who your true family friends are. Some barely or never asked how I and my family was doing, and some actually took time and effort to visit her and bring my family of 7 a few meals. It was a very emotional and stressful time for the family, and I believe I walked at least 15 miles or more this past week to relieve the stress. But anyway. She's better now. So Imma digress...

So I did end up wasting time apologizing for being so absent on DA. :XD: My bad.

Okay, something I wanted to clear up before I might disappear again. People that I know and on DA have asked me about requests. While I am truly relieved to say that my Spring semester seems a LOT lighter than the last, it's too early to tell. For now, I am working on commissions that will be sold at Kawaii Kon. And that kinda takes priority, sorry. I know I said that I might do requests during winter break, but I had a family crisis thing that I mentioned above... Unless I find a busy summer job, I'll ask again for requests to do during the summer.

What I would really love though, is for you (yes you. plz.) to give me a list of League of Legends Champions that you would like to see drawn! Last anime convention, my Caitlyn prints sold out. :XD: So I want to at least make at least 3-5 more prints of LoL champs. Please write your list in a ranking order that you would like to see with 1 being the highest (eg. 1. Kayle, 2. Ezreal, 3. Akali...etc.). This would help me a lot, because I have a hard time keeping up with which champion is the most popular and most played. Especially with this season four stuff. But please, try to avoid skins. As much as I would love to draw Queen Ashe or Ghost Bride Morgana, I'm not sure how many others would like them enough to buy them. lol.

Or you help me out and let me know what you'd like to see first out of the sketches that I've already done: Kayle, Ezreal (I do have sketches of them lol), Vi, Nidalee, Akali, and Tristana. And I think I have a few more but I don't have my sketchbook with me right now. lol. I don't really like posting sketches on DA either (if I post a teaser, might as well finish it, right?). I do have ideas of a few other champs, but I'll leave it at that for now. 

...And for everyone else who is fandom-ing about other fandoms, I DO have some Sherlock and Doctor Who prints in mind. Stay tuned. XD Please also let me know about other growing anime out there (besides Attack on Titan)!

'Til next time! Good luck to you all beginning the Spring semester!


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United States
Just another newbie-ish anime/manga artist trying to improve and create my art, with the inspiration of other great artworks. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated - I'll try to improve as much as I can! ^_^ I can't promise to post very often, since my life has also been overrun by piano and violin lessons (not to O_o), but I will do what I can, and definitely try to keep up with everyone's amazing artwork. :)

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